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No Tricks, All Treats | TRUE TRICKSTER | Raven Reads Horror

No Tricks, All Treats | TRUE TRICKSTER | Raven Reads Horror

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Feeling up for some Halloween fun? Try one of the No Tricks, All Treats grab bags! In these fun and exciting bags, you'll receive a ton of value -- the exchange is that while you'll know some of the item types, you won't have any idea which variations of those items you're getting! 

Each grab bag is PACKED with value! Plus, you'll get extra gifts and goodies, as well. 

In for truly spontaneous experience? Ready to be fully surprised and have Christmas in October? Then go ahead and grab the No Tricks, All Treats *True Trickster* grab bag where you won't even know which types of items you're in for! 

If you have suggestions on other variations, let me know. If you're more pragmatic and you'd rather know exactly what you're getting, check out the Bundles section under More for the themed bundles! 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Please note that due to this being a special event, most Halloween grab bags will be shipped out around the 23rd of October. I make every effort to ship as soon as possible, but I do order all the inventory myself and I pack everything (in a clean and sanitary environment while masked, just for extra protection) at home in my studio, so sometimes there are delays. 

If you need yours by a certain date, please email me at to double check I can meet your deadline before purchasing. Thanks!